Artist Statement

I am Bevelyn Afor Ukah. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia within a multicultural black, Nigerian American family, a huge part of my life’s work is about exploring how humans can make immense connections across cultures and perspectives.  My art reflects a collaboration of perspectives on race, sexuality, & body image.  I hope my pieces inspire inquiry on how these identity markers connect us to an ecological responsibility to healing and reimagining.  “We are all stardust,” and each of us have an immense power to make positive changes within and all around us. 


 I have worked for years in collaboration with communities across NC, co-creating learning spaces to advocate for food and environmental justice. Over that time, my most poignant lessons have come from listening and sharing with strangers and friends, stories of loss, resilience, contradiction and triumph.  This work of learning in community is my greatest love and ART, I have found, is learning’s most powerful expression. 


I am a mixed media artist and hope to inspire others to find their inner creative. I started my visual art practice in 2020 at the beginning of the Pandemic. Thus far, creating has generated  profound portals for healing, spiritual cleansing and indescribable connection.   Although I am relatively new to this practice, I finally feel at home in this lifelong commitment to craftsmanship and exploring art as activism.